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Sustainable Hunger Prevention

At Metro Caring, we're meeting people's immediate food needs while sustainably addressing the root cause of hunger: poverty. At the same time that we provide nutritious groceries to our hungry neighbors, we offer comprehensive, wrap-around anti-poverty programming so that families can break the cycle of food insecurity.

Metro Caring is a welcoming, dignified, health-focused organization, open to everyone in the Denver metro area. Inside our Hunger Prevention Center, you'll never find soda or cupcakes; superiority or condescension. 

Read on to learn about all of the ways we have a positive impact on our community.

Healthful Food Access

Our Fresh-Foods Market is at the heart of Metro Caring's services. In this free grocery store, shoppers can choose from an array of nutritious foods based on their dietary needs and preferences and leave with a week's supply of groceries, 35% of which are fresh fruits and vegetables.

By operating our Fresh-Foods Market on a free, choice model, we provide the utmost dignity while saving shoppers, on average, $250 per month in grocery costs. 

Nutrition and Cooking Education

In addition to providing families who face food insecurity and health problems with free, nutritious food for a week, Metro Caring offers complementary cooking and nutrition programs. Through these, we give individuals the tools and confidence to prepare healthier recipes at home, leading to long-term health benefits and lowered healthcare costs. 

Our nutrition programs include: 

  • Weekly cooking class in English
  • Monthly cooking class in Spanish
  • Kidz in the Kitchen
  • Diabetes Self-Management
  • Diabetes Prevention


While it is essential to address people's immediate food needs, we understand that long-term food insecurity cannot be solved by short-term hunger relief. For sustainable results, we must target hunger at its root: poverty.

In this vein, we offer a menu of services to help individuals get back on their feet:

  1. Job Training: Launched in 2016, Metro Caring's job-training program Seeds for Success has already trained dozens of individuals and placed 82% of graduates in jobs, earning well above Colorado's minimum wage.
  2. ID Assistance: The importance of having an ID is often overlooked. In fact, owning an ID is crucial to obtaining employment, housing, and healthcare, among other services. As Colorado's lead ID-assistance agency, Metro Caring distributed more than 20,000 ID vouchers last year, for driver's licenses, government IDs, and birth certificates.
  3. Financial Literacy & Utilities Assistance: So often, those who visit Metro Caring for services are working but just can't scrape together enough money for all of life's necessary costs. In this vein, Metro Caring offers to help individuals with up to $1,000 in utility bills, in exchange for a commitment to attend a comprehensive financial-literacy class. 
  4. SNAP Enrollment: Participants meet one-on-one with a trained volunteer to apply for SNAP benefits through the Colorado PEAK website. Participants who attend their appointment receive a voucher for an extra trip to Metro Caring’s Market.

In the Media

Hunger-Prevention Toolkit

Metro Caring has surfaced as the foremost organization in Denver taking on the challenges of food insecurity, malnutrition, and poverty. We have become a model for not only addressing people's immediate need for nutritious food, but also preventing future hunger, through comprehensive, wrap-around programming and education. For those interested in learning from – and potentially replicating – our practices, we have produced a toolkit highlighting some lessons we have learned along the way.

To learn more about this toolkit, contact our Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships Coordinator Reuben Gregory at 303-638-2375 or rgregory@metrocaring.org.